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cheese and octopus

Great 28: Cheese + Octopus

Cheese is an unexpected match for this meaty mollusk.

cheese and chips

Great 28: Cheese + Chips

Look beyond Lay’s and onion dip—cheese is a champ with your favorite chips.

cheese and oats

Great 28: Cheese + Oats

Add cheese to the classic cereal grain to break out of your breakfast rut.

cheese and rum

Great 28: Cheese + Rum

Whiskey who? Rum’s wide variety means endless possibilities with cheese.

cheese and rice

Great 28: Cheese + Rice

Forget bread—rice goes gangbusters with cheese.

olive oil cheese pairing

21 Olive Oils to Pair with Cheese

Olive oil takes cheese to a luxurious new level. Here, find our 21 favorite pairings.