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DIY Clotted Cream

Low tea or no tea, clotted cream is tasty any time of day

DIY Cultured Butter

How to make better butter at home

DIY Fat-Washed Spirits

Take liquor to the next level by infusing it with fat

Cutting the Cheese (Cake)

Assemble your own cheese cake for a wedding—or any epic event—with these helpful tips.

DIY No-Fear Kefir

Follow our simple recipe to prepare kefir, a fermented dairy drink with many health benefits

Basic Homemade Cheese Ball coated is toasted sliced almonds and filled with a mix of blue cheese and figs

DIY Basic Cheese Ball

Take a trip down memory lane with our timeless—and time-saving—homemade basic cheese ball recipe

back to school snack of homemade snack cheese (commercially known as handisnacks) with pretzels and crackers

Homemade Snack Cheese

Make going back to school fun with yummy DIY snack packs made of homemade snack cheese, pretzel sticks, and crackers

Homemade Mango Mochi Ice Cream

Enjoy the American tradition of ice cream with chewy Japanese dough together with this recipe for homemade mango mochi ice cream