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Cheese Of The Day: Petite Breakfast

petite breakfast

Petite Breakfast


For over 100 years, Marin French Cheese has been making Breakfast Cheese, their classic California Brie. As far back as 1865, it popped up on saloon menus alongside salted meats and steam beer as sustenance for men working cargo docks. Though they still make Breakfast Cheese, they’ve added a revamped version to their line. Petite Breakfast gets an extra dollop of cream—it highlights the sweetness of their local milk and adds a richer texture, perfect for topping toast.

This rindless wheel is mild and buttery, but punctuated with a salty tang—just right for that morning pick me up. On the nose, it’s fresh like cream cheese and bread dough.  Its fluffy, slightly spongy texture is just as nice smoothed onto bagels and hearty seeded toast as it is plopped into an omelet. In the mouth, its feel is pleasantly curdy.

When you’re not eating this one early in the morning, try Petite Breakfast on a cheese plate with fruit preserves, or olives and cured meats. Nice and mild, it provides a rich accent to grilled or roasted vegetables. Pair with a sauvignon blanc from California, wheat beer, or hard cider.

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