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6 Crave-Worthy Pairings from the Culture Crew

honey dripping off a ricotta cheese topped baguette

For our annual Pairings issue, we came up with 28 over-the-top accompaniments to step up your next cheese plate. Here, take some cues from the culture crew with these crazy-delicious cheese pairings that didn’t quite fit into the Great 28.

1. Piave Vecchio PDO + sliced heirloom tomatoes + rosé
“The sweet, fruity notes of the cheese complement the earthy tomato. The rosé completes the “summer in Italy” vibe.” — Brandi Wills, Editor-in-Chief

2. Montchevre Natural Goat Cheese + honey + chopped pistachios
“Ready to get basic with me? Top a log of chèvre with a generous drizzle of honey (any kind!) and a sprinkle of chopped pistachios. It’s salty, sweet, tangy, and creamy—a simple pleasure that’s bound to win over everyone at your next party.” — Rebecca Haley-Park, Managing Editor

3. Fourme d’Ambert PDO + Follow the Honey Tanzania Asali Miombo Blossom Honey
“The way this blue’s fudgy creaminess mingles with the dark, musty honey’s notes of brown sugar, orange rind, and currants reminds me of carrot cake—it’s blue cheese and honey 2.0.” — Molly McDonough, Associate Editor

4. Rogue Creamery Smokey Blue + Indulgence Chocolatiers Porter Bar
“Blue cheese and chocolate is a no-brainer, but the complexities in this specific pairing really kill it. The bar is infused with malt and espresso bean—paired with the meatiness of the smoked cheese, it’s like chocolate, coffee, and bacon all in one bite.” — Erika Kubick, Digital Editor

5. Jasper Hill Farm Willoughby + Graft Cider Where Secrets Lie
“This gose cider pairs apple tartness with floral notes from hibiscus and lavender for a super juicy, sour sip. It’s just right for cutting through the rich cream of this washed rind, and it also adds some funky brightness.” — Bettina Makalintal, Editorial Assistant

6. Sartori Black Pepper BellaVitano + salted popcorn + truffle-infused olive oil
“When shreds of nutty-sweet BellaVitano with hints of black pepper meet the umami of truffles over fluffy, freshly popped kernels, your movie night snack game has officially gone next level.” — Jenn Quinn, Designer


Photo Credit:
DedMityay/shutterstock.com (chocolate)
Jiri Hera/shutterstock.com (honey)
OMMAI/shutterstock.com (popcorn)
Andrea Duarte (cheese)

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