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Harvest Salad with LaClare Blueberry Goat Cheese

We all know goat cheese and blueberries are a classic dessert, but why not make the combination the star of your meal? LaClare’s mild and delicate chevre is rolled in blueberries and vanilla to create an irresistible, sweet and tangy cheese that makes the perfect complement to spicy arugula and rich butternut squash in this […]


Cheese Of The Day: Evalon

Evalon, a raw goat’s milk wheel, is one of the most famous products from Wisconsin’s LaClare Farms. This award-winning cheese continues to earn acclaim.


Cheese Of The Day: Chandoka

Our cheese of the day for you turophiles is Chandoka. A blend of cow and goat’s milk gives this cheese a sweet and accessible nature that’s tempered with a tang.


Affinage Comes Of Age In America 

The steady growth of domestic artisan cheese has driven American awareness and practice of affinage. Expertise has been either imported or homegrown with input from the European tradition.


Creamery Brings Fresh Chevre to Vacation Town

Door County’s first goat cheese maker is reason enough to visit this Wisconsin vacation destination.