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Behind the Label: Caveman Blue

Yeti, Sasquatch, Abominable Snowman—for a creature spotted so infrequently, Bigfoot’s names are a dime a dozen. In Grants Pass, Oregon, locals inspired by southern Oregon’s extensive cave system have historically preferred the name “Caveman,” frequently portraying the fabled humanoid in costume at city events. Embracing the local folklore, early 20th century dairy factory Rogue Gold […]

Sustainable Arrangements

Photographed by Adam DeTour, Styled by Kendra Smith  If you’re trying your darndest to keep food waste to a minimum, cheese plates might give you pause. Each cheese comes in its own wrapper, as does each accompaniment, not to mention the environmental impact of production. As dire warnings about rising sea levels and a slowly […]

Ask the Monger: Why Is Artisan Cheese So Expensive?

Why is artisan cheese so expensive? One of the most common statements I hear from students at the end of an in-depth cheesemaking course is “I’ll never look at the cost of artisan cheese the same.” When made using traditional methods, with high quality milk and in small batches (the very definition of artisan cheesemaking), […]

Ingredients Matter

Cultured butter, free range eggs – buying ingredients can be intimidating. We’ve broken down all the buzzwords to make your grocery shopping a breeze.