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What Exactly is a “Sharp” Cheese?

People often talk about how “sharp” a cheese is. What is sharpness, exactly?   “Sharp” is a colloquialism. Typically we don’t use it when judging or grading cheese, and it has no legal definition. You’ll hear it most often in the context of cheddar, where it’s sometimes synonymous with “aged.” For example, young cheddars are called […]

In Queso You Missed It February 25th

You’re almost there, cheese friends! Just a few more days until you can say you survived February. Until then, warm up a cuppa and tuck into these nuggets of news. Here’s what you might have missed this week in the world of cheese: The truth has been revealed about where Cheddar gets its color. Orange […]

Bonnie’s Jams and Chocolate Cheese

Westfield Farm’s chocolate chèvre is the perfect pairing for the fruity flavors of Bonnie’s Jams. Read on to learn how to pair the two!

Beer and Cheese for Father’s Day

What Dad doesn’t want beer and cheese for Father’s Day? Check out our curd and suds suggestions that have all been expert-tested and approved

Wurst-Case Scenarios

Mixing cheese with meats taps into tradition and innovation

A stack of different kinds of gluten-free crackers.

A No-Wheat Treat

Going gluten-free liberates the category of crackers

Three biscotti-esque crackers are prominently displayed in an artsy, minimalist photo-shoot.

Consider the Cracker

Raise your hand if you like a little cracker with your cheese

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