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Three types of stinky French cheeses stand in a row next to thin breadsticks

Ask the Monger: What Happens When You Store Cheese in Plastic Wrap?

What happens when you store cheese in plastic wrap?  Good question! This is a hotly debated topic, and everyone has an opinion. I welcome the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the complexities of the answer.The effect that plastic wrap has on cheese varies depending on the type of cheese. The rind is the most […]


Cheese Of The Day: Oma

Oma is the ultimate entry point into funky washed rind cheeses. It has meaty, nutty aromas, but still tastes buttery sweet like fresh cream.

snowmass raclette

Cheese Of The Day: Snowmass

Inspired by raclette, the great melted cheese of the Alps, Snowmass is perfect when broiled and scraped onto potatoes. The best meal on a cold day!


Cheese Of The Day: Ameribella

Inspired by the cheeses of Northern Italy, Ameribella is a doughy brick with a punch of mustard and yeast flavor and a satisfying barnyard aroma.

dream weaver

Cheese Of The Day: Dream Weaver

For an entry into washed rind cheese, try Dream Weaver, a pudgy goat’s milk cheese that’s stinky but approachable. Try it with a tangy jam.

rush creek reserve

Cheese Of The Day: Rush Creek Reserve

Warm Rush Creek Reserve slightly and then remove its thin top rind to expose a gooey interior.


Cheese Of The Day: Hooligan

Fans of funky cheese will dig this little stinker: Cato Corner Hooligan, an ultra-ripe washed rind. This semi-soft cheese becomes more assertive as it ages.