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Spicy Ground Beef Breakfast Casserole

khaliat al nahal

Cheesy Weekend Brunch: Khaliat Al Nahal

Also known as the honeycomb bread, Khaliat Al Nahal, a Sudanese dessert, makes for a dramatic finale at any dinner.


Cheesy Weekend Brunch: Mushroom and Leek Gratin

Nutty and sweet, the classic fontina matches up well with a variety of winter dishes, like this luxurious mushroom and leek gratin.


Cheesy Weekend Brunch: Doughnuts

These cloud-like delightful doughnuts with the richness of mascarpone and sweetness of maple syrup, are a crowd-pleaser.


Cheesy Weekend Brunch: Waffles

This waffles’ dish manages to be over the top and elegant at the same time—just what you want for brunch.

weekend brunch

Cheesy Weekend Brunch: Frittata

Don’t fall short on cheese if you want an ooey-gooey frittata. The secret to this ultra-savory egg dish is loads and loads of delicious Taleggio. Rock the weekend brunch!

endive salad

Cheesy Weekend Brunch: Endive Salad

A classic palate refresher, this fennel-grapefruit-endive salad is showered with shards of fruity aged cheese.


Cheesy Weekend Brunch: Buttery, Fruity Scones

Flaky tender scones with the goodness of two cheeses—this brunch item is made for celebrating. So pop some bubbles and settle in for the weekend’s most luxuriant meal.