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Jenny Bravo is a food photographer and the owner of a production studio and online home decor store in Portland, ME. Having started her career out of culinary school as a private chef, she is passionate about developing simple and elegant seasonal recipes.

Potato, Clothbound Cheddar, and Short Rib Pierogis

A delicious take on the classic Polish meal, these elevated pierogis could be made with leftovers to save time. Pierogi dough is similar in preparation to Italian pasta dough and is formed much like Chinese dumplings.

Fudge Brownies with Clothbound Cheddar

Although chunks of cheddar cheese make for an unusual addition to this classic brownie, the salty combination is a must-try. Add as much or as little cheddar as you prefer. For thinner brownies, a 9×13 baking pan can be used.

One Cheese Five Ways: Camembert

Take the iconic French wheel from the cheeseboard to the table Photographed by Jenny Bravo According to well-established legend, camembert was invented in 1791 by Marie Harel of Normandy, France. Harel was taught cheesemaking techniques by a priest from Brie, which perhaps accounts for the similarities between the two popular cheeses. However, the cheesemaking process […]

Blackberry, Fennel, and Fried Camembert Salad with White Balsamic Vinaigrette

This summer salad hits all the sensory notes and looks impressive, besides.

Fresh Fettuccine in Camembert Wheels with Creamy Confit Tomato Sauce

Homemade pasta is well worth the extra effort, but high-quality, store-bought fresh pasta can be substituted. A kitchen scale is needed for the pasta recipe.

Smash Burgers with Camembert and Caramelized Onion and Bacon Jam

Smashed burgers are an American icon because of the crispy sides. These burgers can be flattened to any desired thickness—thinner for more crisp and thicker for more juice.

Camembert Loaf with Fresh Summer Cherries

This savory and sweet cake would be delicious with any summer produce and can be served for breakfast or dessert.

Buckwheat Crepes with Jambon Sec de Corse, Camembert, Arugula, and Grain Mustard

Buckwheat crepes provide a thicker consistency and more pronounced flavor than wheat flour crepes, making them a lovely match for cured meats and savory cheeses.

One Cheese, Five Ways: Cool and Classic Chèvre

While always delicious in a leafy green salad, don’t underestimate the ways in which fresh chèvre can elevate your cooking and baking.