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Table of Contents: Summer 2017

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prosciutto-melon flatbreads
Fire Away — Summer produce and melty curds come together in these grilled flatbread recipes.
By Leigh Belanger & Rebecca Haley-Park

carved cheese sculpture from French Cheese Board
Good Enough to Eat — Wedges and wheels become edible art in these pieces from the French Cheese Board.
Photographed by JJ Pallot Ichetkar

Cape Town at sunrise
Cape of Good Cheese— Discover cheesy destinations in Cape Town, South Africa.
By Ishay Govender-Ypma

Mountaintop Bleu by FireFly Farms
A Very Happy Accident — FireFly Farms’ MountainTop Bleu was one great mistake.
By Leigh Belanger

blocks of Grafton Village cheddar
Double Vision — Grafton Village Cheese gives back to its rural Vermont community.
By Rebecca Haley-Park

ghost pepper jack cheese
Some Like It Hot — School yourself on spicy cheeses (and why we crave the burn).
By Molly McDonough




sweet corn
In Season — Churn buttery sweet corn into ice cream and thank us later.
tomato cheese plate
A Cheese Plate — Pair tomato products of all stripes with just-right wedges and wheels.
huaraches con nopales y frijoles de olla
From Mexico, with Love — Award-winning chef Hugo Ortega brings the flavors of his homeland to Houston.
gouda burger with quick pickles
Go Go Gouda — Incorporate this crowd pleaser into grilled veggies, party snacks, burgers, and more.




Beer with Cheese — Soaring temps? Reach for salty-tart gose.
Jura vineyard
Wine with Cheese — Find summer-ready reds in Europe’s Jura region.




Neville McNaughton at Baetje Farms in Bloomsdale, MO - April 24, 2017
Voicings — Dairy consultant Neville McNaughton dishes on the cheese scene.
cheese made in copper vat
Cheese IQ — Why are so many traditional cheeses made using copper vats?
Clock Shadow Creamery
Cheese Talk — The perks and pitfalls of urban creameries.




gold ice cream scoop
Gear — These stellar ice cream scoops boast both function and style.
Rachel Klebaur of Orrman's Cheese Shop
Shop Talk — Meet fabulous purveyors in North Carolina, Oregon, and Vermont.




Yes Way Labneh — Whip up this simple yogurt cheese for an addictively savory breakfast.
Gimme Kimchi — Make use of your garden’s bounty with our DIY recipe.




Ask Culture — Which cheeses pair best with sparkling wine? Why doesn’t halloumi melt?
Ruminations — A writer searches for reindeer cheese in Swedish Lapland.


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