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Assaf Sheep

Assaf Sheep: Coming to America

New to the United States, Assaf sheep—with their calm temperaments and rich milk—just might be the next big thing in American cheesemaking

a reindeer in the snowy woods; these animals are surprisingly good milk producers

Reindeer Games

Intelligent, amiable reindeer produce some of the richest milk around, resulting in squeaky, salty, buttery cheese

Brown Swiss Cows

Farm Animal: Brown Swiss Cows

Sociable Brown Swiss cows produce high-quality milk, perfect for cheesemaking.

Whey-fed pigs at Jasper hill Farm

Whey-Fed Pigs

These whey-fed pigs prove that feeding cheesemaking by-product to swine is a sustainable practice with delicious outcomes

Farm Animal: Guernsey Cows

This “golden” breed is known for its rich milk and sunny disposition.

A trio of brown-and-white–spotted cows march in a line up a grassy knoll.

Normande Cows

The Normande cow is a breed apart

A group of Pecora Sarda sheep huddle together in a barn.

Pecora Sarda Sheep

Meet the long-haired lowland sheep of Sardinia

Two American alpine goats nuzzle one another and butt heads in this black and white image

American Alpine Goats

A romping, affectionate breed, American Alpine goats are appreciated for their adaptability and high milk production, which goes into award-winning cheeses at Redwood Hill Farm, Cypress Grove, Capriole, and Twig Farm