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Farm Animal: Dutch Belted Cows

These high-producing cows are returning from near extinction.

Farm Animal: Saanen Goats

These sweet-natured caprines’ high milk yield makes them a favorite for dairy farmers

Farm Animal: Australian Cattle Dog

These farm-friendly dogs are born to work.

Farm Animal: Jersey Cows

This small-statured breed boasts good looks and milk that’s rich in fat and protein

Assaf Sheep

Assaf Sheep: Coming to America

New to the United States, Assaf sheep—with their calm temperaments and rich milk—just might be the next big thing in American cheesemaking

a reindeer in the snowy woods; these animals are surprisingly good milk producers

Reindeer Games

Intelligent, amiable reindeer produce some of the richest milk around, resulting in squeaky, salty, buttery cheese

Brown Swiss Cows

Farm Animal: Brown Swiss Cows

Sociable Brown Swiss cows produce high-quality milk, perfect for cheesemaking.