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Madame Fromage - Cheese Blog

How to Write a Cheese Blog

Back in 2009, I began writing a cheese blog to record my mouse nibbles. I never expected to continue beyond a few months–especially since I didn’t know a thing about blogging, much less photography. Nine years later, I still look forward to sitting down to write my next post. Why? My site feels like an […]

Boudoir Cheese Model

Ruminations from a Boudoir Cheese Model

In the winter of 2016, a friend told me she was setting up a boudoir photo shoot for a cheese spread and needed a human model to go along with the wedges. I was flattered that she thought of me and figured that my garter belt could always use some more airplay, so I accepted. […]


Ruminations: Where’s The Beef?

How does a vegetarian survive in meaty Buenos Aires? The answer is simple: cheese!

Illustrated by Tom Bingham

Ruminations: Hoofing It

Searching for elusive reindeer cheese in Lapland

Ruminations: Master Class

Learning the art of cheesemaking from Sleight Farm’s very own Mary Holbrook

Ruminations: Mozzarella’s Pull

This stretchy, simply made cheese trumps a world wonder any day.