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Ruminations: In Defense of the Dessert Cheese Course

Making a case for Americans to emulate the French.

Ruminations: Taste Transformation

How exploring the unfamiliar can lead to unexpected discoveries in cheese, and in life.

Ruminations: Precious Objects

Why storing cheese is a lot like storing a painting

Hold the Nuts: It’s Time We Addressed Vegan Cheese

“You just can’t replace it.”

Ruminations: My Mom’s Weird Dairy

My mom taught me so many lessons, both purposefully and by osmosis, but her kitchen-based teachings are what stuck with me the most.

Gender Bias Blues

We are women, we are cheesemongers, and we are unwavering in our demand to be treated with respect and dignity.

Ruminations: Getting My Goats

Culture contributor Lauren Gitlin reflects on her relationships with cheesemaking legends Mary Holbrook and Laini Fondiller.

Illustration of a hand holding a paint roller applying a rainbow of cheese-inspired colors

Paint Inspiration: 50 Shades of Cheese

Choosing the perfect shade paint inspires a trip to the cheese counter for mouth-watering color inspiration

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