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Chasing Poutine

Inspired by the contrasts discovered between old and new Quebec, artist & writer Heather Kapplow dreams up a play on the most Québécois of all native foods: Poutine.

Layover Mission: Searching for Cheese in Abu Dhabi

Last summer, writer Heather Richie spent a 24-hour layover in Abu Dhabi while traveling from Johannesburg to New York, and went on a mission to find local cheese.


Best Cheeses Of The Year: Australasia

Until about 1980, most Aussies and Kiwis had a universal love of just one cheese: mass-produced cheddar. Things have changed.

Canada Cheese!

Best Cheeses Of The Year: Canada

America’s neighbor has been quietly cultivating a rich food and wine culture, and Canadian cheesemakers have been busy winning awards for their efforts.


Best Cheeses Of The Year: The Anglo-Celtic Isles

Anglo-Celtic Isles offer a wealth of history, culture, and of course, curds. The resurrection of farmhouse tradition has led them to punch above their weight at international competitions.

the alps

Best Cheeses Of The Year: The Alps

Animal herding has driven both economy and tradition for a long time in the Alps, resulting in unparalleled dairy expertise.


And, The Cows Went Over The Mountain!

In Switzerland, nearly 130,000 cows are escorted up the mountains to their alpine grazing grounds early each summer. They will spend the next three months or so grazing on the grasses and wildflowers found only at these altitudes.


Cheese And Chocolate Live In Delicious Matrimony In Croatia

Cheesemaking on Pag island dates back centuries, and the current generation is finding new ways to enjoy Pag’s culinary pride- cheese, with chocolate.