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Classic grilled cheese sandwich

All the Cheese Events You Need to Know About this Spring

There’s a lot happening in the cheese world this spring! Scroll down to check out the festivals and holidays that we’re most excited for.  In March… March 6th World Championship Cheese Contest in Madison, WI With thousands of entries from all over the world, this biennial event is the world’s largest technical cheese contest. After […]

Cheesemonger invitational - Rory Stamp

Rory Stamp of Dedalus Wine Shop Wins the Cheesemonger Invitational

Last Sunday, Rory Stamp of Dedalus Wine Shop in Vermont was crowned champion at the Cheesemonger Invitational in San Francisco. This was Stamp’s second time competing, after placing fourth at the last Invitational this past summer in New York. “I put so much into this, but never really expected this outcome,” says Stamp, “it feels pretty […]


Fall for Oktoberfest 

Märzen, also known as Oktoberfest, originated pre-refrigeration, when brewing season ran strictly from late fall through early spring.

cheese plate with tomatoes

Cheese Plate: You Say Tomato

A Los Angeles monger-sister duo pairs the summery fruits with curds of all kinds

Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company's mozzarella

Point Reyes Expands Operations to Petaluma, Calif.

A new creamery will serve as the production and aging facility for several of Point Reyes’ cheeses

Miyoko's Kitchen vegan cheese

The Culture Team Goes Vegan

We sampled five vegan “cheeses” from California-based Miyoko’s Kitchen

Vermont Creamery's Quark kosher cheese

Jewish Culture: Why Are Great Kosher Cheeses Hard to Find?

A cheese can be considered kosher if it’s made under rabbinic supervision from milk curdled using kosher rennet