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heirloom tomatoes

You Say Tomato, I Say Cheese

In summertime, pairings for cheese are easy: just look to friendly heirloom tomatoes

Broiled Ugli fruit with creamy mascarpone cheese

Pairing Ugli Fruit and Cheese

The combo of ugli fruit and cheese is proof that looks are only skin-deep

A selection of nut butters on a white plate

Pairing Nut Butter and Cheese

When searching for a cheese accompaniment, go nuts (hehe, get it? Nut butter and cheese?)

A spread with pickled, roasted, and raw jalapeño peppers

Pairing Jalapeño and Cheese

Spice up your life… and your cheese pairings by teaming up jalapeño and cheese

Raw endive leaves filled with fresh chevre and springkled with salt and cracked black pepper

Pairing Endive and Cheese

Cooked or raw, the petal-like endive is the perfect vehicle for cheese

manchego and duck appetizer skewers

Pairing Duck and Cheese

Sheep’s milk cheeses and creamy blues put a fresh spin on delicate but meaty duck

Celeriac bulbs on a wooden background

Celeriac: Deeply Rooted

Pair homely celeriac with cheese for stunning culinary results

A Sappy Medium: Maple and Cheese

Consult the flavor spectrum of maple syrup to create unusual salty-sweet pairings with maple and cheese