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White Bean, Tomato, and TomaTruffle Toast

An elevated take on classic bruschetta featuring Point Reyes TomaTruffle cheese.

Discover Havarti. Irresistibly Creamy. Authentically Danish

Irresistibly Creamy Havarti cheese is the perfect complement to a delicate puff pastry topped with a tart cranberry sauce. It makes for the perfect holiday treat to impress your guests.

smashed tomato toasts with shaved garrotxa cheese

Smashed Tomato Toasts Topped with Garrotxa

A cheesy twist on pan con tomate these simple bites strike just the right balance of sweet, salty, and earthy.

olives stuffed with fresh goat cheese, manchego, and herbs

Cheese-Stuffed Olives

Full of Manchego and fresh goat cheese, stuffed olives are an easy appetizer that’s perfect for a crowd.

Provolone dip

Provolone Dip

Melty cheese with a few seasonings and aromatics make for a simple, crowd-pleasing concoction.