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This London Cafe Opened My Eyes to Vegan Cheese

A food writer shares how this vegan cheese shop shifted the paradigm.

Cheese Ads Banned on the London Tube

Photo credit: An advertisement featuring artisan cheeses has been banned by London’s transport network because it was deemed “unhealthy.” Transport for London (TfL) blocked cheesegeek’s ad in August, saying it did not comply with its advertising policy. TfL said it “uses the Food Standards Agency’s model to define foods that are high in fat, […]

Chef’s Dish: Marcus Samuelsson’s Ayib + Sweet Potato Ravioli

In “The Rise,” Marcus Samuelsson explores the trajectory of Black cooking in America.

London’s Cheesiest Attraction (That You Probably Missed)

If you’re up to date on global cheese news, then you’ve likely already heard of Café Rouge opening a limited-time Cheese Suite in Camden, London last month.

In Queso You Missed It: November 17th

National Nachos Day was November 6th, which means that if you missed it, you’ve got some catching up to do. We’ve got a recipe video that’ll give you the perfect excuse to keep the festivities going for this gameday favorite.    In other cheese news:  Stepladder Creamery was recently awarded the Jennifer Bice Grant—an award […]

Keep Calm and Eat Cheese at London’s La Fromagerie

La Fromagerie in London is part cheese-and-produce shop, part fine-dining restaurant, part wholesale operation—whole turophile dream world.

Ask the Monger: What Cheese Do I Need to Try While in the UK?

I’m traveling to the UK. What cheese do I need to try? For anyone visiting the UK, especially for the first time, a West Country Cheddar is an absolute must-try! I recommend one from Keen’s or Montgomery’s, preferably aged around 14-18 months. Of course, another classic is a blue Stilton. I like the one from […]

Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day

How Will You Celebrate Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day?

More than 700 events will be held on five continents this Saturday