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orzo with Kryssos feta and olives

Orzo with Kryssos Feta and Olives

Inspired by the flavors of the Mediterranean, this bold, vegetarian-friendly orzo comes together in minutes

Pumpkin Chèvre Macaroni and Cheese

Pumpkin Chèvre Macaroni and Cheese

Forget boxed mac and cheese. Serve up this adult version featuring a combination of chèvre, cheddar, and pumpkin puree

campanelle with mini lamb meatballs, greens, and gravy. photograph by Evi Abeler

Use Your Noodles: Five Spring Pasta Recipes

Showcase curds and pretty spring produce with these pasta dishes

orecchiette with beets and peas. photograph by Evi Abeler

Orecchiette with Beets and Peas

This vibrant vegetarian-friendly pasta dish is as delicious and satisfying as it is beautiful. Add the crottin at the end of cooking to ensure the cupped pasta will capture plenty of barely melted cheese

Hazelnut agnolotti with brothy spring greens. Photograph by Evi Abeler

Hazelnut Agnolotti with Brothy Spring Greens

A good weekend project, this vegetarian pasta features rich agnolotti served in a warming broth brimming with sprightly greens

campanelle with mini lamb meatballs, greens, and gravy. photograph by Evi Abeler

Campanelle with Mini Lamb Meatballs, Greens, and Gravy

Spiced lamb, baby greens, and a dusting of citrusy feta keep this pasta season-appropriate, while creamy gravy comforts on still-chilly nights

tagliatelle with lemon cream, asparagus, and prosciutto

Tagliatelle with Lemon Cream, Asparagus, and Prosciutto

Mascarpone and lemon come together to bring spring pasta to tangy new heights

Whole wheat shells with tahini, radishes, and chives

Whole Wheat Shells with Tahini, Radishes, and Chives

Bold wheat pasta and tahini bring nutty depth to this savory dish studded with spring vegetables

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