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UNFI Advances American Specialty Cheese

UNFI expands its Cheese & Specialty, American Artisan program to include more small cheesemakers.

Sequatchie Cove’s Walden: A Break From Tradition

The newest addition to Sequatchie Cove’s lineup, this soft-ripened wheel was created as a departure from the award-winning Dancing Fern.

American Stinkers: How Washed Rind Cheeses Became a National Pastime

They’re a cheese nerd’s most sought-after style. What is it about them?

Weathering the Storm: The cheese industry looks back at its pandemic year

Looking back at COVID’s major impact on the cheese world throughout 2020.

Drinks With Cheese: The Sweet Hereafters

A globe trot of post-prandial sips and cheeses

Meadow Creek Dairy Grayson

The 20 Best Cheeses of 2018 According to Experts

We asked cheese experts what their favorite cheeses have been so far this year. Get your shopping list ready because here are the Best Cheeses of 2018!


Party Like A Cheesemaker!

Every cheesemaker celebrates their trophies in a unique style: while some parties are low-key, others cheer with taco and beer!

Shakerag Blue - Emmy's Cheese

Cheese Of The Day: Shakerag Blue

Sequatchie Cove’s Shakerag Blue is a Southern take on leaf-wrapped blue cheese. It’s wrapped in whiskey-soaked leaves for true Tennesee terroir.


Affinage Comes Of Age In America 

The steady growth of domestic artisan cheese has driven American awareness and practice of affinage. Expertise has been either imported or homegrown with input from the European tradition.