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How to Celebrate National Cheese Day

Happy National Cheese Day! We love cheese any day of the year, but today requires us to go the extra mile. Whether you’re exploring new pairings, whipping up some delectable mac and cheese, or trying your hand at making your own cheese, here are some of the best ways to celebrate this special day.

1. Get curious with your pairings.

peach focused cheese plate

Gorgeous cheese boards like this one make us swoon, but it’s hard to imagine creating one yourself. Countless articles offer tips for “perfect pairings,” but we often overlook the most important ingredient: curiosity.

Here are some of our favorite cheese boards to indulge in today:

2. Cook with cheese.

Among one of the oldest cheeses on record, Gouda was named after the town of the marketplace where it was originally traded in the southern Netherlands during the Middle Ages, it also happens to be one of the most commonly sought after cheeses at the counter. Make one of these five delicious recipes that celebrate the classic cheese.

And check out some other cheesy recipes perfect for summer:

3. Make your own cheese.

With a little patience and practice—and a lot of curiosity—anyone can make cheese at home using kitchen tools and a few basic ingredients. We put together a DIY primer to have you making cheese like a pro in no time.

4. Learn more about the animals who make cheese.

Do you know how long the average lactation cycle is for a goat? Trick question, the answer depends on the breed. Get the answer and more about the people and animals who produce our favorite food here.

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