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Your Most Common Cheese Questions: Answered

We’ve collected all your burning questions—the most commonly searched for on our site—in one place, for your curious convenience.

6 Gift Ideas for the Cheese Lover on Your List

There are plenty of (online!) options for the best cheesy gear, reads, and snacks that’ll make any turophile on your list brim with joy.

Drop Dead Gorg-eous: Feast your eyes on Italy’s beloved blue

Italy’s legendary Gorgonzola swings from sweet to savory.

Behind the Label: Dorothy’s Comeback Cow

With its apricot color and old-fashioned illustration, the design of the label on Dorothy’s Comeback Cow makes this cheese hard to ignore.

Cheese and the Power of Myth

Why we invent stories about our food

Cheese Cave in Cheddar England

A Sharp Story: The Origin of Cheddar

Have you ever wondered how cheddar cheese came to be?