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Reggiana Revival

How One Parmigiano Saved an Ancient Breed of Cattle

It’s a balmy afternoon in Reggio Emilia, Italy, and I’m standing in a barn with a cow breeder named Marco Prandi, staring into his phone. “Allora cerchiamo la natività…” he mutters to himself while scrolling through Google Image search results. Thumbnail-size paintings of nativity scenes from artists in bygone eras whiz by until, finally, he […]

Natural Mimolette

Have You Met Mimolette?

With a pocked rind and unmistakable orange interior, Mimolette is one of France’s most easily-identifiable cheeses. Traditionally produced in the northern French county of Flanders, this pasteurized cow’s milk cheese is generally believed to be an interpretation of the Dutch cheese Edam. In the 17th century, France was importing significant quantities of cheese from the […]

early snow

Cheese Of The Day: Early Snow

Nettle Meadow’s Early Snow evokes snowfall on a mountainside: This wintry little bloomy rind cheese is downy white and pyramid shaped.

Clothbound Cheddar: New Cheese on The Block

Murray’s Clothbound Cheddar is created with milk from cows on the Cornell university campus, and finished in NYC caves