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Around the Board: Summer 2023

New and interesting accompaniments to feature on your next summer cheese board.

One Cheese Five Ways: Feta

The Greeks have been enjoying feta as a dietary staple for centuries, and the cheese is twirled into their lore and legend. Mythological tales claim the gods sent Apollo’s son Aristaios to teach Greeks the art of cheesemaking. It even garnered a mention in Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey. “When half of the snow-white milk […]

Lamb Skewers with Feta Dressing

Lamb is a quintessential spring protein, and pairing it with creamy feta and cooling herbs yields a Mediterranean lunch that is perfect for the first al fresco meal of the season.

Spiced Lamb Lasagna

If you appreciate spiciness, feel free to substitute the red pepper flakes for an equally hot counterpart, such as harissa, hot sauce, or chipotle powder.

a plate with a burger topped with pimento cheese and a lamb burger topped with feta and candied red onions

Lamb and Feta Burgers with Rosemary Aioli

Chock-full of flavor and slightly gamy, lamb needs a punch cheese—feta always gets the job done. The aioli can be made up to 2 days ahead if kept refrigerated. SERVINGS 4 INGREDIENTS   ROSEMARY AIOLI:⅓ cup mayonnaise1½ teaspoons lemon juice1 teaspoon Dijon mustard2 cloves garlic pressed1 teaspoon chopped fresh rosemary BURGERS:1 pound ground lambKosher salt to tasteGround black pepper to taste4 ounces block feta crumbled4 sesame seed burger bunsPickled red onions to garnish (see below)Baby greens to garnish […]

cheese and lamb

Great 28: Cheese + Lamb

The black sheep of proteins shines when paired with cheese.

Table of Contents: 2018 Great 28

Table of Contents: 2018 Great 28

This year, we cranked the volume way up. Now, don’t get us wrong—classic pairings like pecorino and pasta, apples and cheddar, and blue cheese and honey have their place. It’s just not in this issue. In our 2018 Great 28, discover some of our most creative (and tantalizing) matchups ever: matcha-tinged goat cheese with smoked […]

Stuffed Cheese Board Burger

Celebrate Cookout Season with These Cheesy Grilled Recipes

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, check out these cheesy recipes made for the grill

campanelle with mini lamb meatballs, greens, and gravy. photograph by Evi Abeler

Campanelle with Mini Lamb Meatballs, Greens, and Gravy

Spiced lamb, baby greens, and a dusting of citrusy feta keep this pasta season-appropriate, while creamy gravy comforts on still-chilly nights

In the Charcuterie Spiced Lamb Terrine

Spiced Lamb Terrine

Lamb aficionados will delight in this boldly spiced terrine with chunks of poached lamb tongue and whole coriander seeds