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Truffle Goat Cheese & Pignoli Crostini

It’s time to spruce up your holiday menu with these elegant and easy Truffle Goat Cheese & Pignoli Crostini topped with Candied Fresh Cranberries!

goat cheese cheesecake

Seductively Sweet Goat Cheese Cheesecake

In this goat cheese cheesecake, a buttery graham cracker crust wraps velvety soft goat cheese filling. Top with preserves for a seductive holiday delight.


Montchevre Says Passing Baton To Saputo The Right Decision

Montchevre’s founder and President Arnaud Solandt terms the decision to sell to Saputo inc., as a “wise move to be with a partner with more resources”


Montchevre Fall Comfort Foods

What’s more comforting than something cheesy, meaty and creamy? New York-based writer and cheese specialist Tia Keenan, whips up some fall comfort foods—inspired by Montchevre.


A Cheesy Wellington

A cheesy take on Beef Wellington, this show-stopping centerpiece is perfect as an appetizer or vegetarian entrée.


Beet That!

The classic combination of beets and Montchevre goat cheese are given the risotto treatment.