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Farm Animal: Pecora Sarda

With its high milk volume and adaptability, it’s no wonder why shepherds prefer the Pecora Sarda.

caramelized sheep's cheese

Caramelized Sheep’s Cheese

If Chris and Paige Gould ever took the Caramelized Sheep’s Cheese off the menu at Central Provisions in Portland, Maine, there would likely be a revolt.


How Cheesemakers Eat Their Cheese: Friesago

Have you ever wondered how a cheesemaker eats their own cheese? After all, they have the most access to it and, undoubtedly, eat more of it than any of us no matter how obsessed we are with their cheese. It only makes sense that they have the best pairing suggestions and recipe ideas.  That’s why we decided […]

Pecorino Toscano DOP

These 4 Comfort Foods Will Take You Straight to Tuscany

Photo Credit Consorzio Pecorino Toscano DOP One of many treasures hailing from the glorious green hills in and around Tuscany, rich and fragrant Pecorino Toscano has long been prized in that region, and more recently throughout Italy. While Americans are often better acquainted with Pecorino Romano, the two cheeses actually have very little in common […]

Chef Dan Barber, photo credit: Susie Cushner

Voicings: Chef Dan Barber of Blue Hill

Chef Dan Barber of Blue Hill dishes about his favorite cheese, hobbies, and the most critical issue facing the restaurant industry