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In Queso You Missed It: April 5th

As we all responsibly stay indoors for the foreseeable future during this pandemic, some of us are (understandably) getting a little stir crazy. That’s why we created a roundup of quarantine-friendly recipes for you to make while you’re stuck at home, all of which incorporate pantry staples you probably already have on hand. And don’t […]

Cheesy Dishes to Make During Self-Quarantine

If you’ve got piles of pantry staples and lots of free time on your hands right now, you’re not alone. A small silver lining to this age of self-quarantine is that bit of extra time for experimenting in the kitchen. We’ve got some ideas for recipes to elevate your mundane canned, frozen, and otherwise shelf-stable […]

Marvelous Muenster

Muenster can do more than subs and grilled cheese sandwiches. In contrast with Münster—the French washed rind that inspired this slightly nutty, mild cow’s milk cheese—American muenster gets its signature orange-colored rind from annatto. It’s supremely versatile in the kitchen and can be used as a star ingredient or as a backdrop to bigger flavors. […]