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potato roses

Gift A Bouquet of Cheese-Filled Potato Roses

Potato roses filled with Lustenberger cheese and herbs make a pretty bouquet that’s good enough to eat. This quick and easy side dish will surely impress!

turkey dumplings

You’ll Love These Moist And Cheesy Turkey Dumplings

Turkey dumplings with squash and cheese are a luscious treat as a party appetizer or part of a meal. Make a big batch of these—they’ll surely be a hit!

artichoke soup

Artichoke Soup For The Cheese Lover’s Soul

In this artichoke cappuccino, artichoke soup gets a layer of light, frothy cheese. This sophisticated dinner party starter looks as elegant as it tastes.

puff pastry straws

Puff Pastry Straws Wrapped in Prosciutto

Jazz up store-bought puff pastry with a dash of cheese and ribbon of prosciutto. Like a sophisticated cheese puff, these cheese straws are a hit at parties.


Get Your Party Started With Cranberry and Cheese Turnovers

Give your guests an appetizer to remember with these flaky cranberry turnovers. A creamy mixture of Parrano cheese adds a touch of comfort.

smoked salmon toasts

Smoked Salmon Toasts For A Light Meal That’s Ready In 10

Fresh cheese and dill are an ideal match for these no-hassle smoked salmon bites. Toast some bread, spread some cheese, add salmon: You’re done!

cheese puffs

Cheese Puffs+Prosciutto=Finger Food Favorite

Crispy cheese puffs with a side of prosciutto will be a hit at any holiday party. Grana Padano is the key to that irresistible crunch.